Delivering strategic and tactical insights to link revenue growth with bottom line success.

If you’re a C-suite executive, board member or investor in a workers’ compensation or other property and casualty insurance company, sometimes the best way to take the company to the next level is to bring in an experienced and objective outside perspective.       

Our assignments include developing a strategic plan to plan, then acting as facilitators to assist your organization in the actual strategic planning process; collaborating with senior management on the implementation of your strategic plan; assisting you with the evaluation of merger or acquisition opportunities; helping you retool the way the company does business; formulating strategies for managing change internally; or simply fixing an operational problem.       

The Triunfo Creek Associates process is simple: You commission our expertise on a consulting basis; we help identify opportunities and challenges, recommend strategies and tactics to capitalize on strengths and shore up weaknesses, and assist with implementation and change management. Then we shake hands, go home and take pride when you achieve your goals.

Our expert consultants bring three invaluable assets to this process:

  1. Depth of industry experience in P&C insurance, particularly in workers’ compensation.
  2. The expertise to enhance and complement what exists inside the company in the areas of underwriting, marketing, claims, finance and human resource management. Companies enjoy the cost benefit of not having to find, recruit and pay for senior-level bodies that you don’t need permanently.
  3. Critical arms-length objectivity coupled with knowledge of how to succeed.

Triunfo Creek Associates is an insurance industry consulting firm that works exclusively with senior management and investors to set goals for growth, develop strategies and tactics to achieve them, and provide implementation solutions that will improve the course and profitability of the business.

Workers’ comp industry veterans James E. Little and Ronald A. Groden, who head Triunfo Creek Associates, have a distinguished track record successfully problem solving for privately- and publicly-held companies as well as entrepreneurial ventures.    

Tap into our experience and expertise to help you meet your opportunities and challenges: Give Jim Little a call at 805.551.0937. You can learn more about the specific skills of Triunfo Creek Associates in the sidebar to the right or by clicking on the Core Competencies tab above.