Change Management

Organizations that cannot or will not change are doomed to fail.   As mergers and acquisitions overtake the insurance industry, hard and soft market cycles continue, globalization of commerce expands risk exposure, regulatory demands increase, and technology advances require greater and greater time and expense, the stress on your organizational structure increases.  How C-Level executives and Boards manage change can make the difference between success and failure. 

Triunfo Creek consultants can help stakeholders to evaluate the implications of change on the corporate culture and recommend solutions for revamping, realigning or refining corporate attitudes and policies to deal with changes in any or all areas of the company.

Issues which may impact the corporate environment include:

  • Distribution channel modifications
  • Regulatory and/or rating agency changes  
  • Product pricing and terms/limits modifications
  • Underwriting product line life cycle
  • Outsourcing or in-house integration of claims management
  • Acquisition or mergers
  • Changes in management structure to restrict or expand decision making
  • Implementation of a new strategic initiative or an entire strategic plan
  • Changes in employee compensation structure and/or benefits
  • Implementation of training and education programs
  • Changes in information systems, data management, or other technology tools 
  • Changes in regional operations or sales structures or teams
  • Rebranding or marketplace repositioning
  • Increased competition from regional or national players
  • Changes in legislation and public policy