Acquisition & Merger Integration

There is nothing more energizing or that has a greater impact on an insurance organization than a merger with another entity or the acquisition of a new division, company, product or line of business. Nor is there any activity with greater risk. Mergers and acquisitions directly affect every aspect and attitude inherent in the organization. Triunfo Creek consultants have direct, hands-on experience with the negotiation, management and integration of mergers and acquisitions of workers’ compensation and other property and casualty carriers.

In assisting your management with evaluating these opportunities and/or planning these changes, we can:

  • Recommend and support your due diligence process.
  • Perform SWOT analyses on the proposed activity
  • Offer negotiation strategies to maximize buyer/seller satisfaction
  • Review and analyze the impact of rating changes 
  • Develop a strategic plan for the new organization
  • Work with you and your team to determine the financial impact of a potential of merger or acquisition on your bottom line.
  • Recommend and support integration efforts among regions, departments or operating units
  • Evaluate impact on the management structure and recommend modifications, as needed
  • Assist in creating employee buy-in for the planned venture
  • Evaluate and recommend techniques for integrating information systems and other technology
  • Identify issues that will impact effective integration and create plans for change involving:
    • Management and reporting structures 
    • Staff assignments and responsibilities
    • Product line overlaps and design
    • Branding conflicts or brand repositioning 
    • Marketing and sales strategies
    • Distribution channel conflicts or duplications
  • Assist in maximizing internal talent and enhancing productivity to ensure the success of the new entity